Frequently Asked Questions

What is Proyecto Luz Amarillla?

It is a video contest designed to change the attitude of young drivers in Latin America and the Caribbean. The contest aims to encourage young people to drive safely and responsibly.


Who can participate in the contest?

Citizens of IDB borrowing member countries and CDB borrowing member countries ages 18 to 30 from June 2015 to September 2015. We accept videos filmed in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.


What is the prize?

Five winners will be chosen. The first, second and third place finishers will win a trip to Mexico City to present their videos and attend the Formula One Grand Prix. The fourth and fifth place winners will receive an iPad mini.


Can we participate as a team?

Yes, but there cannot be more than four people on the team. If you are going to work as a team, a team leader should be chosen to represent you.


Can each individual contestant or team present more than one video?

Yes. Two entries per person/team are allowed.


Why do we not accept violent or graphic scenes, or images of people sending telephone text messages while driving?

We don’t feel it’s necessary to show violent scenes caused by road accidents or of drivers sending text messages while the car is moving. We don’t want the making of this video to put your life in danger.


How do I incorporate music?

If you are going to use music, you must have all the necessary permits. There are various options, such as using a song that has a Creative Commons license allowing commercial usage. And there are websites where you can download music for free for non-commercial purposes. Another idea is to visit websites that sell music with the required rights. These are some pages that might be useful:
Free Music Archive
Free Music Project (
Vimeo Music Store (


See the winning videos from 2014, here.

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