Make a video. Win a prize. Save a life.

Take part in our contest and win a trip to Mexico City to present your video and attend the Formula One Grand Prix, or win an iPad mini.

about the contest

With your video you will motivate and persuade young people to drive safely and responsibly. You have creative license. We want to see your personal expression come through in your video. So, put on your thinking cap to get the message across in the best way possible. You can video yourself, a group of people, make a cartoon; whatever moves you. You have until September 20th to send us your video. Finalists will be contacted by October 6th. This is a unique opportunity to have your voice heard and promote road safety. Let's work together to make the region free of road accidents!

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To participate in the contest, send us your video and fill out the registration form. As a participant, you will be able to play a key role in spreading this important message. You have the ability to address other young people of your generation in a direct and effective way, and make them see the tragic results that can come from sending a text message while driving and the risk of similar kinds of behavior behind the wheel. This is a unique opportunity to have your voice heard and promote safety and good habits in your community. Remember that the more people you reach the more lives you save.

Proyecto Luz Amarilla is based on Project Yellow Light, created by the parents of Hunter Garner, a teenager who died in a road accident in the United States in 2007. Youth ages 18 to 30 living in Latin America or the Caribbean are encouraged to produce 25 or 55 second videos that call on their peers to drive safely.

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  • All footage should be broadcast-quality. To ensure this, use the following criteria while shooting:
    • o All videos should have a resolution of at least 720 x 480. If possible, film with an HD camera.

    • o If you use a cell phone or tablet, make sure to film horizontally.

    • o Videos should be 25 or 55 seconds. If your video is selected as a winner to be broadcast as a public service announcement, we will add a five second frame at the end.

  • We ask that you refrain from including highly violent or graphic footage.

  • No entry showing a person texting on a cell phone while driving will be accepted.

  • The video must have a clear road-safety message that promotes accident prevention.

  • Videos entered in last year's edition of the contest cannot be presented again.

  • Please do not send videos that are already being used in road safety campaigns in the region.

  • We accept videos filmed in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

  • The contest seeks to reward creativity, originality and presentation in getting out the road safety message efficiently.

  • Send us your video and contact details by September 20, 2015. Late entries will not be accepted. Don't get shut out!

  • Finalists will be notified by October 6, 2015. They will be chosen based on the criteria that appear on the application. The names of the winners will be announced at an event in Mexico City on October 29.

  • The fifth winner will be chosen in a public vote.

  • All videos will become property of Proyecto Luz Amarilla, with the goal of promoting safe and responsible driving among a broader audience and drawing attention to this important issue.

  • We may display the finalists' videos on our website or through other digital platforms. Our hope is to share the safe-driving message with young people throughout the region.

  • Please save all the material you recorded while filming your video.

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